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Spirit of the Holidays – Story 2

Our church was searching for a new ministry that would serve our surrounding communities. This process took over a year and half.  Then, as only God can do, connections were made and we began our new ministry!  We are part of a Teen Mom program for our high school district, which includes 6 high schools. Once a week our congregation takes turns babysitting the little ones, while their moms attend an evening class led by the school nurse. We also cook dinner, serve, and sit with these moms and dads once a month. On top of that we gather disposable diapers and gently used baby clothes and blankets. It has been very meaningful to the girls, both moms and mom-to-be, but I think there is even more meaning for the members of our congregation!

Now for Story 2! We helped the staff host a Christmas party.  The girls got to “shop” for their little ones.  There were gently used toys and clothes, as well as disposable diapers.  The sewing classes at the high school where we meet, made baby blankets for all the girls! That is huge because I forgot to mention that there are presently about 60 girls in the program at any given time! I personally put out a call for Bath and Body lotions and the likes and made bags for all the girls, so they would have something just for them…. but keep reading, the best is yet to come!

IMG_3762 IMG_3776 IMG_3780 IMG_3785 IMG_3793 IMG_3795 IMG_3802 IMG_3813

The evening was a flurry of activity, with dinner and games… and as the evening started to wind down, they came…  Suddenly a group of men and two women filed in bearing beautifully wrapped gifts.  They were unannounced guests, who quietly walked in, but were beaming as they gently placed their gifts against a pillar and then watchfully stepped off to the side.  I was stunned as I felt like I had just watched the Wisemen arrive.  I quickly went over to the gal in charge and asked who they were.  I thought they were from a local Rotary Club, but I was wrong.  It was the taxi drivers for these moms and tots! These girls and their little ones were not  just another “ride” that the taxi drivers provided, to earn their weekly wages.  Instead it proved to be so much more!


It was absolutely a stunning moment that will forever be in my heart! I was worried it would seem odd or presumptuous, but I couldn’t help but offer them hugs and as I hugged the first, the rest quickly got into a line so that they too would get a hug!  After a lot of coaxing, we fed them and it was one of those times that makes your Christmas priceless!  Humble… simple… struggling people coming together to serve others who are often forgotten or looked down upon.  None of us knows where life will take us, but there are those simply wonderful moments when God’s presence is so strongly felt!  That is what truly matters!  Put aside the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Force yourself to take time to serve those who may be struggling even more than you are.  I can guarantee that it will be in those moments that you find the truest meaning of Christmas!

And while Christmas now seems far in the future… start now!  How can you be a light that shines bright throughout 2013? Work to be more keenly aware, as there are moments that present themselves each and every day!




2 comments on “Spirit of the Holidays – Story 2

  1. Douglas Dill
    January 3, 2013

    I am so happy to see this story. Being away from Trinity has left a hole in my heart and just this little segment has helped fill a some back in. I am glad Trinity with other partners are able to be the gospel to so many young people. The least and lost need the gospel the most. Too often the least and lost are just that, kept lost. Thank you so much.

    • Spiritual Focus Photography
      January 3, 2013

      Hi Doug! It is great to hear from you! Pastor Ben’s last sermon said that we must always remember that each church year is never the same as the last. We may think it is the same, but we need to take the time to reflect on all that has been accomplished and know that, as we move forward, God has new ministries waiting for us, both individually and collectively! Some may be small and others bigger, but each and everyone of them holds a special value all their own! Doug, you are a blessing to all who meet you and who have had or will have the privileged of working with you. You have submitted to God’s will and are truly an inspiration to those around you! Trinity misses you and I miss you, but it is always wonderful when we have those opportunities to reconnect!!! God’s Blessings my friend!

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