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The Cards We Are Dealt In Life – Part 2


Previously, I  talked about the cards that we are dealt in life.

We often forget what remains true…

God is always there

at our side.

It is important to unwrap each morning like a present.

There are blessings and possibilities in each new day.

Yes,  it is easier said than done…

but if you always look for God,

and talk to God…

He will be there in ways that will take our breath away!

A surprise visit…

A perfectly timed phone call…

Words that pop into our thoughts…

or read in a book…

God whispers and tells us to wait patiently…

He will not leave us

and I have found

that when I look back

He has always had

the very best path laid out for us.

It may just take a little bit longer to get there!

Part 3 is just around the corner…


One comment on “The Cards We Are Dealt In Life – Part 2

  1. Barbara Taylor
    December 15, 2014

    We all need to be reminded of these comforting thoughts.

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