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SNAPSHOT # 1: Deportation


SNAPSHOTS # 1: We had two families in our church. A Mexican man, I believe his name was Ricky, his white American wife, and their beautiful son… actually at that point she may have been pregnant and not yet given birth. Her parents were also members of our church. For some time, we had no idea that he was illegally in our country. I think his parents had left him here, when he was very young. A time came when the government came for him. His father-in-law was a retired Chicago policeman. He knew his son-in-law’s status and they had been trying to bring him in the legal way, but instead Ricky now sat in a deportation cell. We met as church leaders and talked with his family. Our pastor, Paul Johns, with others, stepped up to the plate and fought hard for him. At the 11th hour, right before being shipped out, it was decided that he would be able to stay in the U.S. The whole thing was gut wrenching to watch. I had forgotten about it, as I am sure many others have. So do we only worry about those families whom we know personally? Does God release us from any obligation to those who are merely strangers or unknown to us? I will share stories like these over the next few days. I am asking that you respect my wishes and not post any argumentative or negative comments in regards to my posts. That is why you have your own FB Timelines. In return, I will also stop from writing on your timelines in any type of negative way as well.


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