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SNAPSHOT # 2: Stories and Struggles

Water wake

SNAPSHOT # 2:  STORIES AND STRUGGLES     My dad worked for the phone company and was part of the union.  One year, when I was in elementary school, the union went on strike for about six months.  My dad worked several different jobs including two different custodial jobs to try to keep our family afloat.  We sold a few precious prized possessions, but finally my dad decided that he needed to cross the picket line for the sake of his family.  When he crossed the picket line, the union turned around and sued him. He was a traitor.  Unbelievably, his case went all the way to the Supreme Court and they decided in my dad’s favor, right before I was married.  If you knew us, you might have had compassion for the hard decisions my dad had to make.  If you had not known us and were a union member, you probably would have spat at my dad and called him names, but most likely it was because you would have stories of your own. The point is that everyone has a story which is guided by underlying circumstances that many of us know nothing about.  Many keep their stories quietly packed away, because the rest of us tend to throw out judgements, uncaringly, at the world around us. Our words are often more hurtful than we will ever realize, and we can leave many known and unknown wounded people in our wake.  If you believe in God, I want you to ask yourself these questions: Would you be able to hurl the names and insults that you place on Facebook or verbalize to others, if God was standing there right beside you? Would you be as quick to judge others, knowing that He already knows everyone’s story? We need to stop and listen to what others are trying to say.  We all need to be better listeners and then others will stop feeling like they need to shout to try and be heard. Again, I am asking that you respect my wishes and not post any argumentative or negative comments in regards to my posts. More later….


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