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SNAPSHOT # 5: We Can All Fight Against Injustices In This World. I Did!


SNAPSHOT #5: WE CAN ALL FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE     I was in a situation where a powerful man had jokingly approached me about coming over to my house and pulling down the shades. I laughed it off since I had known him since I was in second grade.  Now I was married with a child of my own. A few years, later, I was approached by one of his victims, I listened and began to realize the full extent of the situation. Eventually I realized that he had used a position of great power to engage in sexual situations and relationships with many women… over many years. For every victim’s name I knew, I knew that there were more that felt they must remain silent.  I found myself fighting for those whom felt powerless. I took on the ridicule that would have been theirs. I felt like David against Goliath, because with God’s help, I was able to put a stop to some of the abuse. This was truly the first time in my life that I saw God working in me and through me. I was able to bring some justice and healing for many women.  Maybe I was strong for them, because I couldn’t fight back as a child. I am grateful for God showing me that anybody… even someone as insignificant as I, can fight for justice in this world.  More later…


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