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Snapshot # 7: Illinois Voter Registration…



I woke up this morning to news that the Illinois Voter Registration Bill is still alive. There is a desire to tie registration to your driver’s licence, which I applaud! It was talked about on WBBM but someone did not want it to go through because the problem is voter apathy.  I DO NOT agree.  It took me three trips to the DMV to get my voter registration for our new house.  17 months ago, when I changed my address with the post office, online, I was sure that I had filled out something to also adjust my voter’s registration.  Later during an election in 2015, I realized that was not the case.  It took me three different visits to the DMV to adjust my address.  1) I brought to very recent medical bills that had my name on it.  Denied.  I could not use 2 medical bills.  2)  I brought a charge card statement and a  Com Ed statement with my Jim and my name on it, but it was four months old and the limit was three months.  They were telling me to go on my phone and pull up a bill. The glass on my phone was broken and it was to hard to look up anything. I was upset and then I wondered what was I looking up?  Jim takes care of the bills, and most of them are not in my name. Denied.  3) Visit four, I finally was taken care of.  If it had not been such an important election, I probably would have decided to forget about it registering. I can see why so many would not be able to get a voter’s registration card.  So to what ever politician said people don’t register because of voter apathy, he is wrong!!!!  Time to get ready for work.  Otherwise, I would have listened to the news to get that joker’s name….


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