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A Personal & Continuing Story on Deportation…

No Paperwork Needed

Chapter 5 – Our Daughter

By Sue Thomson


Within a day of his arrest,

I contacted the office of our apartment building.

I am packing every night

I must be out by the end of the week

since I can’t afford the rent on just one salary.

My parents are letting us move back home.


My daughter is severely disabled with CDKL5 Disorder.

At 3 years old, she cannot stand, walk, or talk

and needs to be fed and changed.

She has not been unable to go to school since they took him away.

He would put her on the bus and then meet her when she arrived back home

while I was at work.

His hours were more flexible.

My mom is visiting relatives,

so there is no one to do this while I continue to work…

I drive her each day to another town where a friend’s daughter watches her

while I go to work.

It will be that way until my mom returns home from visiting family…

My mom is willing to make sacrifices for us, as well.

She said she would quit her job to care for her granddaughter,

but as she grows

lifting her will become more difficult…

for all of us…


Before he was taken from me,

we worked with the bus company

who said we needed a special stroller for her.

Medical only paid half.

So we managed to put together $3000 for the other half.

We checked with the bus company before ordering it,

just to make sure everything was correct.

We received their approval and made the purchase.

Now they tell us… or should I say me

that it is does not meet the regulations they require.

How can this be?

They approved it…

It was custom made…

There are no returns…

Just one more concern piled on top of so many others…


This is a continuing story based on good friends of author Sue Thomson, as she delves into the effects of deportation and the emotional ramifications which are usually not experienced or felt by many of us in the United States. The story is written from a wife’s perspective. Sue Thomson has set up a Go Fund Me page to help this beautiful family, as they sort out their future and care for their little girl’s medical needs. Please consider making a donation small or large.  https://www.gofundme.com/mellynas-fund-to-get-her-dad-back


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