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A Personal & Continuing Story on Deportation…

No Paperwork Needed

Chapter 7 – The Lawyer

By Sue Thomson


I don’t think I ever mentioned the lawyer….

My husband’s permit was expiring in September.

We had been working with the lawyer,

but he said to wait to file…

The timing wasn’t right.

We also got married in September,

but the lawyer said to continue to wait

to file the papers.

All that was on my husband’s record

was being stopped twice without a driver’s license,

when he was younger,

although he had a valid State ID at the time.

I think the lawyer thought our request might be rejected,

but he never had explained what could happen.

He just told us to wait.


What is so sad

is that we had another appointment set up with the lawyer.

It would have been one week after the arrest.

That is when he said we could come in

and file all the paperwork…

We trusted him…


When I frantically called our lawyer,

multiple times

after the arrest,

he never responded.

Eventually he had someone else call us back…

but there was no real offer of direction or help.

We had wasted our time,

our money,

and misplaced our trust.

I am sure that there have been so many others…

We are certainly not the first,

And unfortunately,

I am sure that we are not the last…

This is a continuing story based on good friends of author Sue Thomson, as she delves into the effects of deportation and the emotional ramifications which are usually not experienced or felt by many of us in the United States. The story is written from a wife’s perspective. Sue Thomson has set up a Go Fund Me page to help this beautiful family, as they sort out their future and care for their little girl’s medical needs. Please consider making a donation small or large.  https://www.gofundme.com/mellynas-fund-to-get-her-dad-back


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