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A Personal & Continuing Story on Deportation… Wrap Up

No Paperwork Needed

Chapter 8 – Snapshots from the Author, Sue Thomson


Snapshot #1:  When our friend was moving out, the week after her husband was arrested, a neighbor told her that one day he had walked past a man dress in dark clothes checking out their mailbox.  He had no identification on his clothing and the neighbor was hesitant to ask what this unknown person was doing there.  The more I hear, I think I would have been afraid to question these strangers as well…

Snapshot #2:  There is a therapy place in the suburbs that says they are aware of a dark car with some men in it who sit near a close by intersection.  They believe they are ICE agents, taking notes as they watch the comings and goings of various people. I now realize that they are out there, watching and waiting, but we are so busy that we don’t even notice them…  I can’t even fathom the idea that agents are here in my community hunting down people.  They are not all criminals, as politicians would try to have us believe.  How cruel we are…   Tearing apart families…  They work hard…  Very, very hard…   They have endured more than most of us could ever imagine…

Snapshot #3:  I was amazed when I learned of a Mexican man who began filling up his car at a gas station in a town directly adjacent to the east side of Arlington Heights.  Suddenly an unmarked car pulled up and three plain clothes men in ICE vests, jumped out demanding his paperwork.  Fortunately, he was here legally and had his paperwork with him. He was quite shaken. If he had not had everything in hand, he would have been taken immediately into custody.  How scary… It is happening here in our own backyards and many of us are not even aware of it. The process is swift like a hawk swooping in for its prey…  How many people have been stopped without their Driver’s license on them?  I have known a number of people, including members in my own family and yet we have had nothing to fear.  We are not immediately thrown into jail…

I will be closing these stories with 2 more snapshots right after Christmas along with my closing thoughts. I want to thank you for going on this journey with me…  My prayer is that we will become more aware of what is going on around us and that we are more open to helping when opportunities present themselves…

May God Bless You,


Sue Thomson

This is a continuing story based on good friends of author Sue Thomson, as she delves into the effects of deportation and the emotional ramifications which are usually not experienced or felt by many of us in the United States. The story is written from a wife’s perspective. Sue Thomson has set up a Go Fund Me page to help this beautiful family, as they sort out their future and care for their little girl’s medical needs. Please consider making a donation small or large.  https://www.gofundme.com/mellynas-fund-to-get-her-dad-back


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