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A Personal & Continuing Story on Deportation… Closing Thoughts

No Paperwork Needed

Chapter 9 – Final Snapshots from the Author, Sue Thomson


If you didn’t have a chance to see my first three snapshots, I encourage you to go back to Chapter 8…

Snapshot #4: There was a news story where a young man sent in the renewal forms for his permit.  He even allowed extra time than what was suggested for the mailing, but still paid for its quick delivery, just to be safe.  He was later told that it had not been delivered until after the due date and there would be no permit.  He went to the office to show them his dated receipt.  He was immediately arrested for being there illegally and was quickly deported.  We have so many Dreamers…  This country is all they have ever known…  They are beautiful people who enrich our culture… For some of us… maybe many of us… they are our friends, but they are treated as a disposable entity.  It is our great loss…

Snapshot #5: Our friend said that he felt his jail had more women than men and the ages were averaging between 18 – 29 year olds.  There were many Europeans, as well as Mexicans and Filipinos.  They were fed well and had a little more freedom than what you would probably expect in a regular criminal jail. For that I am grateful…

My heart cries…   I hear the words “with liberty and justice for all.”  I speak those words every day when I am in school and at other events…  In the last few weeks, I have had more difficulty saying those words…   Is it just lip service, or do we truly mean what we recite? Men and women have died fighting for the freedom of others.

Many of these Dreamers are not criminals as politicians would like us to believe. Their parents sent them here, when they were young, in hopes that they would find a better life… and many had. Many of them are good people who have worked extremely hard.  Can you imagine being suddenly ambushed… or hunted down. Without any discussion, you are immediately being sent off to a strange place.  It is the country where you were born, but you did not grow up there. You are now surrounded by poverty and have nothing to call your own, because the U.S. took everything away. Imagine yourself in their shoes….  Fear, emptiness, loss, grief…

This has been continuing story based on good friends of author Sue Thomson, as she delves into the effects of deportation and the emotional ramifications which are usually not experienced or felt by many of us in the United States. The story is written from a wife’s perspective. Sue Thomson has set up a Go Fund Me page to help this beautiful family, as they sort out their future and care for their little girl’s medical needs. Please consider making a donation small or large.  https://www.gofundme.com/mellynas-fund-to-get-her-dad-back





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