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A Personal & Continuing Story on Deportation…

“No Paperwork Needed” Chapter 1 – The Arrest By Sue Thomson Out of nowhere they came in an unmarked car. Three men in plain clothes… They yelled at him to … Continue reading

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CALL FOR ARTISTS: “Up Close and Personal” – Deadline Feb 21, 2017

Sue Thomson and SFP Galleries presents Paintings, Pen & Ink, Collage, Photography, Mosaic, Pottery, Sculpture, Poetry, Colored Pencils, Felting etc 1st Prize $100 /  2nd Prize $50  /  3rd Prize $25 / Honorable Mentions  “People’s Choice Award” will receive … Continue reading

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Winter Mosaic Art Contest March 2016 Finalists!!!

Sue Thomson and SFP Galleries hosted an art contest and exhibit whose theme was “Winter Mosaic” which was held in March 2016 at the Thomson Agency Corporate Gallery in Downtown Arlington … Continue reading

January 2, 2017 · 1 Comment

Snapshot # 7: Illinois Voter Registration…

SNAPSHOT # 7: ILLINOIS VOTER REGISTRATION I woke up this morning to news that the Illinois Voter Registration Bill is still alive. There is a desire to tie registration to … Continue reading

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Snapshot # 6: I Choose Gray

SNAPSHOT #6: I CHOOSE GRAY! I had written this as a church newsletter article,  as we were transitioning from one pastor to another.  I remember one woman was incensed by what I … Continue reading

November 15, 2016 · 1 Comment

SNAPSHOT # 5: We Can All Fight Against Injustices In This World. I Did!

SNAPSHOT #5: WE CAN ALL FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE     I was in a situation where a powerful man had jokingly approached me about coming over to my house and pulling down the … Continue reading

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SNAPSHOT # 4: Giving Voice To My Sexual Molestation 48 Years Later…

  SNAPSHOT # 4: GIVING VOICE TO MY SEXUAL MOLESTATION…48 YEARS LATER              I was sexually molested when I was in elementary school… by a neighbor.  … Continue reading

November 13, 2016 · 2 Comments

SNAPSHOT # 3: Middle Aged Bullies

SNAPSHOT # 3:  MIDDLE AGED BULLIES I have tried to ignore it, but anyone who keeps saying that others are crybabies… and repeating it over and over again, in post … Continue reading

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SNAPSHOT # 2: Stories and Struggles

SNAPSHOT # 2:  STORIES AND STRUGGLES     My dad worked for the phone company and was part of the union.  One year, when I was in elementary school, the … Continue reading

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SNAPSHOT # 1: Deportation

SNAPSHOTS # 1: We had two families in our church. A Mexican man, I believe his name was Ricky, his white American wife, and their beautiful son… actually at that point … Continue reading

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